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Many of the people have misunderstood with the crate while training golden retriever. They have assumed crate as the punishment equipment for the puppies. However the fact is that the crate is the great place where your dog can be. This is also the place where they can feel secure.

If you have a crate in your home which is easily accessible, then your puppy will start to visit there whenever he feel bore or bewildered. Although they like the crate but you probably should keep them inside for the long time. You want him to be familiar with the crate; don't let him out even if he barks. As soon they accept the crate, you can keep them inside whenever you leave the house. Crate is much important for the proper golden retriever training.

Your dog crate should be located at the exact place where you like it to remain for the rest of the life. This will help your pup to find the crate when he comes to home for the first time and for rest of the life. It is good to place the crate at the kitchen near the back door so that your dog can go out to relief himself. You have to keep the cage open so that when the pup come home for the first time, he can find the way easily and settle in the cage. Toys will also give some inducement to the dog to enter inside the cage. So keep some toys inside the cage.

Give some rewards if your Golden Retriever goes inside the crate by himself. You can put some fresh new toy or snack inside the crate as the reward, if he goes in it according to his own will. After he enters inside the crate, you can fasten the door and see for the reaction of your dog. If he whines, you can softly speak to him but never let the door open. Instead wait until he relax.

It may take some time but it is quite amazing for your golden retriever. For the proper golden retriever training, you can utilize this crate whenever you leave the house, or whenever he is sick. You must have patience rather than using crate as the penalties option. They will learn the training very quickly.

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Golden Retriever Training - Crate Training

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This article was published on 2010/10/27